How to set Java environment variables in Win7 system

1. Right-click on the "Computer" icon on the desktop and select "Properties" to open the System Properties window;

2, click on the left of the "Advanced System Settings" option and click the "Environment Variables "button;

3, in the editing interface environment variables, a new variable named JAVA_HOME variable at the system, and the value is set to C: Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_12;
4, system variables ->Edit->Variable Name: Path Add the first value of the variable: %JAVA_HOME%bin;
5. System Variables->New->Variable Name: CLASSPATH Variable Value:
.;%JAVA_HOME% Lib;%JAVA_HOME%libdt.jar;%JAVA_HOME%libtools.jar; Finally test whether the environment variable is set successfully
The above is JAVA JDK in win7 64-bit system environment variable setting method. I hope to be helpful.
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