The solution that the optical mouse flashing light is always on after the computer is turned off

After the computer is turned off, the flashing light of the optical mouse is still on, and will not automatically go out with the shutdown of the computer. Why is this? How to set it up will not light up when the computer is turned off? I installed the Win7 Ultimate system. ?, you need to set up in the system

edit answer:
one: cut off the power.
Method 2: Turn off the BIOS through the motherboard
We need to know why the mouse will be on after the shutdown. Because the power supply has a "powered" function, even if it is in the off state, the power supply will still provide a +5V voltage to the motherboard. The LED indicator on the optical mouse is just +5V power supply, so if the power is not cut off after the shutdown, the optical mouse will still be on.
Specific solution steps:
1. Press the computer power button, before the computer enters the boot interface, press the boot button of the BIOS interface such as DEl or F12 on the keyboard to enter the BIOS setup interface.
2. In the BIOS setup interface, switch to the “Power Management Setup” column and find something like “S3 KB Wake-Up Function” or similar options, such as Resume On KBC, Resume On PS/2 Mouse or USB Wake. -Up From S3 and so on. And set it to "Disabled". For example, for a PS/2 optical mouse, set “Resume on PS/2 Mouse” to “Disabled” and for USB optical mouse, set “USB Wak-Up From S3” to “Disabled”, thus turning off the motherboard to the mouse. +5V power supply, the mouse will not light up after shutdown.
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