Microsoft: Win7/8.1 stocks must be cleaned up by October 31 next year

With the introduction of Windows 10, OEMs have also begun to deliver PC products pre-installed with the latest systems, replacing the previous Windows 8.1 and even Windows 7.

Currently, Windows 7 (Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate) pre-installed already ended, but the professional version can still be shipped in October 31 last year. According to foreign media reports, Microsoft confirmed the "death date" for Win7 Professional and Win8.1, that is, before October 31 next year, all inventory must be cleaned up.

Recently, the boss Terry Myerson Windows division at the time of receiving a media interview that they will take some more radical measures to encourage users to switch to the old system Win10, such as automatically download and install the package, providing "a key washed "The opportunity to wait."
And these measures are considered to be the ones that impact the installation of 1 billion. According to the statistics of NetMarketShare, the market research organization after 10 months, the global installed share of Windows 10 is 7.94% (about 120 million users), Win8.1 is 10.68%, and Win7 is still 55.71%.

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