Win7 computer update failed, what should I do if I get the error code 80070020?

We know that, in general, the update installation of the w764 Ultimate download system is done in the background, and once our users receive the prompts about the update installation, most of them are due to problems in the background operation, this does not Today, a user who uses the win7 Ultimate computer consulted that his win7 Ultimate computer had an error when installing the update, indicating the error code 80070020, then how do we solve this problem? Below, Xiaobian comes Let me introduce you in detail!
The first solution: We can try to restart our win7 Ultimate computer. After restarting the computer, let's run Windows Update again to see if it can solve the problem. If you still can't solve the problem, let's try the second solution.
The second solution: We simultaneously press the win+R shortcut on the win7 Ultimate computer keyboard to open the computer's running window. In the open running window, we enter msconfig and click Enter. In the system configuration window, we will switch the interface to the Startup column, then click the Safe Start checkbox, then "Network" and OK.

After completion of the operation, we will again switch to the system interface configuration dialog box, click to restart, which would in a "safe mode with Networking" mode is referred to restart the computer . After booting up, run Windows Update again to re-install the installation.

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