What should I do if the driver does not have a disk when the win7 computer is shut down?

In fact, whether it is win7 64-bit Ultimate download system, our Windows computer is equipped with a disk, after all, the disk is an important storage space for the computer, our Windows system is stored in the disk, therefore, the disk is an important device of our computer one. Recently, however, users who have used the win7 Ultimate computer have found that their win7 Ultimate computer has an error during shutdown, and there is an error message that the drive does not have a disk. So how do we solve this problem? Below, Xiaobian Let's take a detailed introduction!
1. First, we need to return to the desktop location of the win7 Ultimate computer. After that, we can find the computer icon on the desktop, right click on the computer icon, and then in the slide menu that appears, Let's choose the management option.
2. In the open computer management window, we select the disk management in the left window, and then you can see that there are two groups of "disk 0" and "disk 1" in the disk management partition.
3. we can see in the "Disk 1" there is only one disk, and is 0 bytes available, we select and click the right mouse button and select "Properties" Disk 1 in the context menu;

in In the pop-up properties window, switch to the "Driver" tab and click the "Disable" option;
If you can't find the "Disk 1" option, click on the computer to view - the hidden partition check box will be displayed.

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