How does win7 hide the hard disk partition?

Of course, you can do it through the disk manager and tool software of Windows. Hidden disk partitions just make the partition invisible. The disk manager can rename the drive letter again, and the data inside will not be affected. .
The following is a set of demonstrations, divided into two parts, one is the system's own disk manager, a tool software.
Right click on "Computer /My Computer" and select Manage

Find the disk you want to operate. If there is only one disk, it is disk 0
Delete the drive letter to hide the partition, but the disk manager Can also be seen. DiskGenius 3.4.5 Standard Edition is a relatively new and well-used version. Because it is a software developed in China, the Chinese interface is very friendly. The function is very powerful. Of course, it can be used in 64-bit Win 7 system. Personal use feels very good.
download DiskGenius select a hidden partition (click on the name of the software can be downloaded)

Note: While using this function equivalent to uninstall the partition, so please before hiding Make sure no processes are accessing the partition.
Select the option below to enable the hidden partition again.

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