Want to open the Win7 system MySQL cloud service function? Tutorial is here

Cloud services are also web services. This is a metaphorical talk in the Internet. Cloud services are models of the addition, use, and delivery of Internet-based related services, often involving the provision of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources over the Internet. If you want to open the cloud service in win7 Ultimate, you need to start the MySQL service in "Services and Applications" to use, but there are still many users who don't know that MySQL is a network service. Let's see how ghost win7 starts MySQL service. Let's go.
1, in the win7 operating system desktop mouse right "Computer" icon, and select the "Manage" option in the menu (as shown below);
2, open the computer management interface and open in the left menu "services and applications" and double-click to open the services and applications option in the menu on the right;

3, open the services and applications to find the "MySQL" service and right-click in the services window, click to start this The service is OK.

turn MySQL service will be able to use cloud services, but many users do not know MySQL is the network service if the user needs to use the cloud service settings, you can follow the tutorial method of cloud services can be opened to bring disorder, To turn it on or off.

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