Win7 system blue screen code 0x00000040 solution

Blue screen is one of the more common faults in computers, and there are many factors that cause blue screen faults, such as computer hardware problems, software driver conflicts, system file deletion or virus infection, etc. Generally, blue screens have display error codes, we can Use the error code to find out where the problem lies and then fix it. The user has a blue screen in the win7 64-bit Ultimate operating system and displays the blue screen error code 0x00000040 (as shown below). This problem is mainly caused by the network name being unavailable. It may be caused by conflict. We just need to delete the redundant network connection and rebuild it. immediately solved, as follows:
1, open the "start" menu and select "run" enter "ncpa.cpl" in the window, or pressing the enter key determined win7 system;

2 After opening the network connection interface, find the network connection in the window and select the "Delete" option in the right-click menu. If the option is grayed out, you can try to disable the network and then enable it.
3. If you are using a wireless network, you can disable the wired network card device to prevent conflict, to open the "start" menu control panel options;

4, click "system" in the control panel and in turn find the system properties → hardware → device Manager;
5. In the right side of the Device Manager window, find "Network Adapter" to expand and select the NIC device, and select the "Deactivate" option in the right mouse button menu. Otherwise, if Household currently using a wired network, you need to deactivate the wireless LAN equipment can be.
The blue screen 0x00000040 error code appears on the computer. The main reason is that the network name cannot be used or conflicted. We can follow the simple steps of the tutorial to set up the network and disable the unnecessary network card devices. I believe that the blue screen problem encountered can be easily solved. If the problem still cannot be solved, it is recommended that the user reinstall the system.

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