How to set up a wireless router under Windows 7

1. Run the command prompt as an administrator
Because the following steps must be run under administrator privileges, we can find the "command prompt" from the start menu, or type cmd directly Quick search, right click on it, select "Run as administrator", click "Yes" in the pop-up user control window. Another way is to hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and click the shortcut directly, which is even simpler.
2. Enable and set the "Virtual Wifi NIC" mode
Run the following command to enable the virtual wireless NIC (equivalent to open the router):
There are three parameters in the command:
Mode: Whether to enable the virtual Wifi NIC, disable to disallow, the virtual NIC will disappear.
Ssid: Specify the name of the wireless network, preferably in English.
Key: Specify the password for the wireless network. This password is used for secure WPA2 encryption of the wireless network, which can prevent the network from being blocked.
The above three parameters can be used separately. For example, only use mode=disallow to disable the virtual Wifi card directly.
3. Enable "Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)"
In order to share the connected Internet with other computers or devices, we need to enable the "Internet Connection Sharing" feature. Open the "Network Connections" window, right click on the network connection that is connected to the Internet, select "Properties", switch to the "Share" tab, select the check box in it, and select the network connection that allows it to share the Internet here. Our virtual Wifi NIC:
After the confirmation, the shared NIC icon will appear next to the “Shared” icon, indicating that “Internet Connection Sharing” has been activated to the virtual wireless network card:
4. Turn on the wireless network
Continue to run the following command at the command prompt:
to open the wireless network we set up before (equivalent to open the wireless function of the router. Similarly, turn start to stop to close the wireless network ).
It can be seen that the virtual wireless network card has opened the wireless network we specified, and its IP address and other attributes are allocated by the "Internet Connection Sharing" service, so it is special:

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