Windows Blue Screen Death Scam: New Malicious Fishing Method

New malicious scam: The makers of malware hijacked the most crashing blue screen of death in Windows and created a phishing scam.

search engine advertising malicious use
Recently, a security team discovered a new malicious intrusions are spreading, they use the illusion of blue screen of death, entice users to pay, even taking user authentication information .
As we all know, online search engines are used by thousands of netizens in daily life, which brings great convenience to people's lives. In order to better receive and process a large number of search requests, search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft provide an advertising platform to run the platform in a commercial manner. Users will see links to sponsored businesses or organizations on the front end of the search results page, and companies will use this approach to gain more exposure, and search engine providers will benefit.
However, cyber attackers often use search engine ads to achieve the purpose of the attack.
As one of the most common technologies, like building a malicious domain name, by pushing the search rankings, allowing more users to access, then loading the malware onto the victim's computer, thereby controlling the victim's computer and making it a broiler . Some attackers also use phishing domain names to entice victims to enter their account information, thereby stealing key account password information.
Although many times, search engine providers filter domain names with false or malicious names, unfortunately, many online advertising platforms run through third parties, sometimes through threatening domain names, leading to fraud and malicious links. Displayed as legal.
Windows Blue Screen of Death Illusion - New Malicious Fishing Process
Recently, a new type of malicious fishing has caught the attention of security team Malwarebytes.
Malwarebytes found that a new type of malicious attack is exploiting the illusion of the blue screen of Microsoft Windows system to achieve the purpose of attack. This malicious attack gang misled the victim with the illusion of blue screen of death through social engineering.

When the user clicks on the link, an image of the blue screen of death appears on the victim's computer screen, which also creates the illusion of the computer crashing the victim.

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