How to open SNMP protocol 161 port under Win7 ghost pure version system

1. Click "Start - Search" under Win7 ghost pure system, enter "Windows Firewall" in the search box, and then press Enter;
2. In the "Advanced Security Windows Firewall" window macro that opens, select " inbound rule - New rule "item;
3, in the" New inbound rule Wizard "window, select the" port "and then click on the" Next "button;

4, then enter the required open port 161, click on the "Next";

5, in the user interface, click to select "allow connection" option, click "Next";
6, and then in the configuration file window, check the "domain", "private", "shared" three profiles, click on "Next";

7, and then click on the name, enter a name and the corresponding description, such as the name input at 161, described Enter MRGT and click "Finish".
Tips: SNMP allows remote management of devices when SNMP port 161 is enabled. All configuration and operational information is stored in the database, SNMP can obtain this information, and many administrators' misconfigurations will be exposed to the Internet. Cackers will attempt to access the system using the default passwords public and private. Therefore, it is recommended that users close 161 ports in time after using MRTG.
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