After Win7 upgrades Win8 system, the touchpad fails to use the driver life


For many business people, the touchpad function of the notebook is often used, which is quite convenient compared to the mouse. So, what happens if the touchpad fails after we upgrade the system? The touchpad is turned off, the virus in the computer, the computer is flooded, and there are foreign objects inside. This is excluded. Generally, if the touchpad is abnormal after upgrading the system, the driver and the touchpad that are included in the system are basically incompatible, or The system installation process failed to successfully install the touchpad driver, resulting in malfunction or inability to use. Then, the following small series teaches you how to solve such problems. First, search for the "Drive Life" software, download and successfully install it on your computer. Open the driver life software, click the "Start Detection" button, for the newly upgraded system, regardless of whether the touchpad is abnormal, it is recommended to drive the life test to see if the other drivers of the computer are abnormal. After the detection, we can see that the touchpad driver does have an abnormality, suggesting that you need to repair the driver, click to fix it immediately. Click to fix it immediately, Driver Life will automatically download and install the corresponding touchpad driver for you. The installation process may take two or three minutes, just wait patiently. After the repair is complete, you can see that the bullet box prompts you to restart the computer to take effect. Click Restart now. If you are in the process of installation, not in front of the computer, you can also choose to restart the computer or turn off the computer after the driver installation is completed. This design can be said to be very user-friendly. After restarting the computer, turn on the driver life software detection once, you can view it from the interface, the touchpad driver is normal. It is recommended that the user back up the computer driver in the local driver. If the driver is abnormal or missing, it can be faster. repair. During normal use, there are other elements that can cause the touchpad to be abnormal, such as the touchpad being turned off, viruses in the computer, water in the computer, and foreign objects inside. If the above situation is determined to be no, it is recommended to download the driver life test, because the computer CPU is too high, running too many software programs, etc. may also lead to driver anomalies, directly with the driver life repair.

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