Computer keyboard fingering practice


Computer keyboard fingering practice learning purposes: First, the correct fingering; Second, familiar with the letter position.

Computer keyboard fingering learning steps:

The first step is to put your finger on the keyboard (as shown below, the finger is placed in eight basics) On the key, the two female fingers are lightly placed on the space bar.

The second step, practice keystrokes

(for example, to play D The key is as follows: 1. Lift the left hand about two centimeters from the keyboard; 2. When the down key is pressed, point to the lower D key, the other fingers will pop up slightly at the same time, and the keystrokes should be able to hear the sound. Law, please understand. It is very important to form the correct habits, and the wrong habits are difficult to change.

The third step is to familiarize with the position of the eight basic keys (please keep the number Two-step correct keystroke method).

Step 4, practice non-basic keyplay

(For example, hit E key The method is as follows: 1. Lift the left hand about two centimeters away from the keyboard; 2. Move the left hand slightly forward, and use the middle to point down the E key. At the same time, the other fingers pop up slightly. After the keystroke, the four fingers quickly return. As shown above, note that the right hand does not move, other keys are similar to play, note Experience).

Step 5, continue to practice, reach the level of seeing and hitting (provided the action is correct).

The left half of the keyboard is responsible for the left hand and the right half is responsible for the right hand. 2. Each finger has its own corresponding button: (1) Left little finger: [`], [1], [Q], [ ,null,null,3],A], [Z] (2) Left ring finger: [2], [W], [S], [X] (3) Left middle finger: [3], [E], [D], [C] (4 Left index finger: [4], [5], [R], [T], [F], [G], [V], [B] (5) Left and right thumb: blank key (6) right index finger : [6], [7], [Y], [U], [H], [J], [N], [M] (7) Right middle finger: [8], [I], [K], [,] (8) Right ring finger: [9], [O], [L], [.] (9) Right little finger: [0], [-], [=], [P], ([), (]), [;], ['], [/], [] 3, [A] [S] [D] [F] [J] [K] [L] [;] eight buttons called " The guide button can help you to replace the eye via touch, to locate your hand or other keys on the keyboard, that is, all the keys can be positioned via the guide button. 4. The [Enter] key is on the right side of the keyboard. , use the right hand little finger button. 5. Some keys have two letters or Number, such as a digital key used to type numbers and other special symbols, special symbols when playing with the right hand, left hand little finger holding down the [Shift] key, if the special symbols left to play, then with his right hand little finger holding down [Shift] key.

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