Synaptics will develop space bar with touch sensing

On June 4th, there is a series of auto-correction features on your smartphone to help you type text faster, but is it a bit better on a slightly bulky desktop? Touchpad manufacturer Synaptics decided to do something, they are developing SmartBar, an input controller that turns your spacebar into a touch-sensitive function. You can swipe your finger over the space bar to select text, position the cursor, or zoom. There

spacebar on five virtual logical keys, the user can program them to achieve more functionality, such as macro actions, format text, and even the construction of a building in RTS games. These may only save the user a few seconds of moving the mouse, but Synaptics believes that the time of these fragments will have a huge impact over time.

Now, in the future, it may allow you to report faster (or kill the enemy), but it may take some time to actually use such a touch-sensitive keyboard. To wait for.

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