My computer can't open the solution


Introduction: What should I do if my computer won't open and my computer icon won't open? This tutorial will improve the solution for everyone.

One boot, enter the windows desktop and found that my computer can not open, ctrl+alt+del can open the task manager, no matter how to get it is not, my computer can not open double click, and the key It doesn't work either.

The familiar computer interface can't be opened under Trojan's modification of the system.

Trojan virus, mostly by using the common components of the infected system, important function files to achieve bypassing the firewall and antivirus Software cofferdam. There are also many advertising Trojan plug-ins that replace the desktop icons such as my computer by modifying the system settings. When the user clicks, the webpage will pop up automatically to achieve the purpose of fraudulent traffic! For a large number of users, "My computer can't open." ", "My computer icon can not open" problem, you can use the cow free anti-virus "difficult problem toolbox."

The root cause of the problem:

1, Trojan virus by infecting the system file explorer.exe or modifying the registry to achieve bypassing the firewall and general killing alarm, killing mechanism . However, after not "free killing", it was discovered by killing the soft, and the ordinary killing soft does not distinguish the difference between the system file and the ordinary software, and made a no-differential strike.

2, or by opening the web-oriented rogue website after the user double-clicks the computer icon, to achieve the purpose of fraudulent traffic profit!

My computer can't open, my computer icon hits How to do it? How can I fix it?

Manually repairing the registry entries and files that cause my computer to fail to open is extremely cumbersome. In this case, many Netizens have chosen to re-install the system. In fact, this is a cure for the symptoms. Now I can solve this problem by using the "Difficulty Toolbox" provided by Niu Free Antivirus!

Repair Steps:

1. Download the Trouble Shooter Toolbox

2. Click the "Start Repair" button.

3. After the scan is finished, select the problem you want to fix in the left dialog box.

4. After the repair is completed, it is recommended to download the full-screen scan of the world's leading Kaspersky engine.

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