The computer has a NSIS Error error message. Solution


When you install or open some programs, you will get an NSIS Error error message. This situation is easy to misunderstand that the system has an error, or just the program is installed. The cause of the file corruption.

Chinese meaning: This error often occurs when running a program created with Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). The cause may be that the downloaded file is incomplete or the disk area where the program is stored is broken. May be due to a virus. For whatever reason, it is recommended that you contact the author of the program, download it again, and install it. Or add the parameter /NCRC on the command line to try the installation (this method is not recommended).

NSIS Error

The installer you are using has been corrupted or incomplete. This could be due to a corrupted disk, or a failed download, or a virus. You can contact the programmer of this installer to get a new copy of the software.


1. Try to clear the browser cache. In the IE option, clear the IE temporary file. Or use the Cleanup Expert Treasure Box to remove system junk files and implement this feature.

2. Try disabling any download accelerators or download tools and try using IE Save As to re-download.

3. Update the anti-virus software and perform anti-virus. An NSIS error occurs and the infection virus is more likely to be destroyed. It is recommended to reboot to safe mode antivirus with command line.

4. Try to turn off anti-virus software and network firewall.

5. Scan and repair disk errors using ScanDisk or chkdsk.

6. Re-download the installation package from another normal computer and copy it to the computer that has failed.

7. There is an extreme method: click Start, Run, enter CMD, and enter the command line. Browse to the NSIS installation file path and execute the program name .exe /ncrc. The installer will not perform its own verification and force the installation.

8. In addition, some netizens said that NSIS error is related to memory module failure. It is recommended to use a hardware test to check the performance of the memory module. You can try to unplug the memory module and re-plug it.

9. Some friends have encountered this fault when installing English software in Chinese system. After the default language of the system is changed to English, the installation is successful. In addition, it is recommended not to save the installation source in the Chinese path, the installation target, and it is better not to use Chinese.

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