Error launching installer error solution


Xiaobian's computer system is win7. When I encounter the win7 system installation jail toolbox, what should I do if I get the error launching installer error? Let's take a look at the solution that Xiaobian will share with you!

Let's take a look at the solution:

1. The above problem is caused by the inconsistency between the interface language and the non-Unicode programming language. 2. Click the Start menu and select the Control Panel item to open, as shown below. :

3. Select “Region and Language” on the control panel page and click to open it, as shown below:

4. In the regional and language interface, click Manage to see if the non-Unicode programming language is Chinese. If not, please click to change the system locale, as shown below:

5. After entering the setting interface, set the current system area to Chinese, as shown below:

6. Click after setting Confirm the button, the prompt setting needs to be restarted to take effect, click to restart now, as shown below:

7, after the computer restarts, open the toolbox installation Sequence, you can normally install!

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