What should I do if the computer screen appears striped?


Stripe flashing on the computer screen. You can find out if your laptop or desktop computer has streaks and flashes. Try the solution described below~

1. External interference

is due to strong electromagnetic interference, such as sparks and high-frequency electromagnetics, placed near the display. If the interference intensity is very large, it will cause white horizontal stripes on the entire screen of the display; if the interference intensity is not large, it will show a serious change in a certain corner of the display.

Solution: When these two situations occur, we must first check the surrounding area of ​​the monitor to eliminate the equipment with strong magnetic interference. Under normal circumstances, the problem can be solved.

Reason 2: Internal interference

There is a big difference between internal interference and external interference. If the internal interference of the display is disturbed, black horizontal stripes will appear on the display of the display. More serious.

Solution: In this case, we can open the case and check if there is any bad contact inside the display, whether there is any problem with the output of the power supply or the output transformer.

Cause three, the display age is too long

The age of the internal capacitor will be aging failure, resulting in slow start-up speed, gray screen, blurred fonts. At this time, as long as the aging capacitor is replaced, it is generally possible to eliminate the fault, but since it is also a relatively high-tech work, it is recommended to send it for repair.

Cause four, the display resolution is not set properly

There may also be a serious computer screen streak failure, such failures will generally appear on older machines, if your computer works in Windows Under the system, then you can press the F8 key to enter the system's safe mode, reset the display mode of the display, and generally can eliminate the fault after restarting.

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