Innovative sound card 5.1 SB0060 using KX driver installation graphic tutorial

Innovative sound card 5.1 SB0060 high-pitched voice, full bass. Sound quality can be said to be impeccable. I didn't sing very much, so I said that I kept silent.
2.0 and 2.1 audio can try this sound card, although it is entry-level, but the goods are now completely genuine and hard to find.
Many friends want to get good sound effects because of KX driver. They want to install KX driver, but they are discouraged because of the complicated installation. Sicily will give you a Kx3538 general installation tutorial.

Start installing drivers

Click OK to display the following interface

Click Next

I accept the front check and click Next


Continue to the next step

Click to install

< Br> Next

Remove the checkpoint that displays the readme file to complete the driver installation interface:


Install - Pop up

Point the check mark --————



VST familiar friends can click OK to point to the VST plugin path, the general chat friend suggested to cancel


After the final confirmation, the computer will be automatically restarted, and the driver installation is completed. .
After the computer restarts, a KX icon will appear in the taskbar at the bottom right corner.

, you can't say it at this time, you have to install the plugin and patch, please exit the KX icon in the lower right corner and then Open the

folder that you extracted at the beginning, copy the three files inside

Then open C:WINDOWSsystem32 and paste the three files in this directory

Click All

Go back and open another folder obtained by decompression



I Agree (I agree)


Again Open the extracted folder, open


Paste to C:Program FileskX Audio Driver

Click Start - —Programs —kX Audio Driver —kX Mixer

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