CCFL backlight and LED backlight which is better


LED is better, LED can be made thinner, light uniformity is better, currently better display has been fully used LED as standard.

first LED backlight more power:

CCFL Found power and energy efficiency as follows:

LED power and energy efficiency as Found:

For the sake of these two products alone, LEDs have won the CCFL in terms of energy saving. However, CCFL is not always behind. The newly introduced CCFL backlight display has greatly improved its power consumption control due to the improved number of backlight tubes and luminous efficiency. In particular, some monitors use the same side-type lamps as LEDs. Can significantly reduce power consumption.

latest CCFL has become the edge-type backlight

second panel performance comparison:

criticized before LED backlight uniformity is the most With low brightness, is the latest LED display changed? LED and CCFL backlight display are tested. Both use the same 21.5-inch 16:9 panel, which supports full HD resolution of 1920×1080. The dot pitch is only 0.248mm, which is slightly insufficient. The display text font is too small. Use the same test platform to ensure the consistency of the input signals of the two monitors. The test instruments are all BM-7, and the display and the test instrument are warmed up for more than 30 minutes, and the two monitors are respectively adjusted to the optimal settings.

We can see from the table, under the optimal settings, brightness difference between the two is very small, but all with the nominal 250cd /m did not differ much, CCFL slightly on the traditional strengths Leading. But in fact, for PC monitors, the use of distance limits, more than 200 brightness is actually enough to use, even if it is necessary to cope with the need for higher brightness games, movies more than enough.

In terms of panel uniformity, both are excellent, but it is worth noting that the latest LED-backlit display has changed dramatically in terms of panel uniformity, which has surpassed the uniformity of CCFL backlights, from dozens of This has become a common phenomenon in the test experience of displays. The main reason is that the luminous efficiency of LEDs is constantly increasing. Together with the increasing efficiency of light guide plates and filter films, LEDs are no longer inferior in terms of uniformity.

taken ANSI contrast test spotted FIG

In contrast, the gap between the two is small, subtle differences may be due to both the use of The difference in intelligent circuit control. Therefore, both the ANSI contrast ratio and the full-on full-off contrast ratio are very small, and the LED is slightly ahead even in the full-on full-off contrast. The LED-backlit display makes it easy to control the brightness of the LED light, so it has an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio. After opening this, especially under the black field, the picture is purer. However, to say that in the practical application, the author believes that it is completely "chicken rib" level, there is no need to care about this parameter.

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