What if the computer has a sound card device system that displays no audio devices?


Sometimes there is no sound on our computer. When you click "Start" and open the "Sound and Audio Device Properties" window from the "Control Panel", the audio function is not available and the screen displays "No Audio Device". Error message.

The prompt "No audio device" appears on the computer, which is usually caused by the sound card being damaged, the sound card being disabled, or the reason why the sound card driver is not installed. Let's talk about the cause of the "no audio device" failure and the solution.

Why is there no "audio device"?

A. The sound card is not securely fixed, or the sound card is damaged.

2. Some security antivirus software caused by virus problems When killing a virus, the system files infected by the virus Trojan will be used as a virus to kill, without giving repairs, such as dsound files.

3. The program related to the sound card driver is corrupted or the driver installation fails.

4. Audio device service is disabled.

The "No Audio Device" solution appears

Step 1: Enable the audio device

Follow the steps below to check if the audio device has been disabled, if disabled, Please re-enable the audio device:

1. Click on "Start", right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties".

2. In the "System Properties" window, click on the "Hardware" tab and then click on the "Device Manager" button.

3. In the "Device Manager" window, click the "+" sign next to "Sound, Video, and Game Controller." If an item in the Sound, Video, and Game Manager drop-down menu has a red "×" icon, right-click the item and select "Enable."

4. If there is no red “×” on all speaker icons, skip to the next step.

Note: The above picture uses the SoundMAX sound card as an example. If there is no sound card name under the sound, video and game controllers, the driver is not installed on your sound card. Please skip to: Step 2: Reinstall Sound card (audio) driver.

5. Turn on all items under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, then close the Device Manager window.

Test whether the computer can make a sound. If the computer still has no sound after completing the above operation, proceed to the next step.

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