Startup prompts on the network have a solution for the name


I remember that a group of new computers were bought in the previous time. Just after installation, some colleagues came to ask various questions, for example, today: a pop-up window in the lower right corner. Prompt "There is a duplicate name on the network", the Internet is intermittent, what should I do? This is the sequela of mass installation, just change the computer name just fine.

There are duplicate names on the network

There are duplicate solutions on the network:

The solution to the problem with duplicate names on the network is to modify the computer name. The specific steps are:

Right click on the desktop "My Computer", select "Properties", look for the "Computer Name" tab in the pop-up window, click on the "Computer Name" page and click "Change", then enter your own Name, or the current detailed time as the computer name, click OK, and then restart your computer.


1. Some computers can't click when they change to "Change". The change is gray. This is due to the lack of current system login permission. You can switch to have administrative rights. The account can be operated, or ask the administrator to help modify;

2, when choosing the computer name, some friends are not willing to expose themselves on the network, you can use the combination of the last name and the current time, such as Chen20101008, although the computer name has a limit on the number of bits, but may wish to use;

Example 2:

Users connected to the campus network sometimes pop up a prompt on the screen, "There is a duplicate name on the network" At this point your machine may not be able to connect properly. The reason for this is that the names of the machines in a LAN must be different, but many users do not change the default name when installing the operating system, such as "Microsoft", which causes the host name conflict.

To change the host name, click "My Computer" - "Properties" - "Computer Name" - "Change", and then fill in the "Computer Name" column with your favorite Hostname, try to avoid conflicts with others.

Computer Name

Why is there a duplicate name on the network

There are many names on the network that use the unattended installation mode when installing the system, more is pirated The system's large batch of ghost restores.

There are currently not many systems that use genuine systems. Even many companies and public agencies have bought genuine systems, but because of the cumbersome installation and the time-consuming update of patches, most of them use a prototype, update patches, install common software, use ghost backup, and then other models of the same type. Use ghost to restore on your computer.

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