How to use Win7 notebook as a wireless router


With the popularity of products such as tablets, smartphones, and notebooks, users are increasingly relying on wireless networks. For many home users, there are not only smartphones, laptops, and even tablets. But many of the friends are not using wireless routers or sharing network cables with others. If there are more than one device in the home, it is impossible to achieve multi-person simultaneous Internet access. In addition to purchasing wireless routers, are there any other ways to achieve multiple wireless? The device can wirelessly access the Internet at the same time? The answer is yes. Next, the wifi sharing master will share the Win7 notebook with the wifi hotspot setting tutorial. That is to say, we can use the Win7 notebook as a wireless router, so that not only the notebook can access the Internet. Wireless access is available on our other wireless devices, such as other laptops or smartphones.

The above meets the Win7 notebook to do wifi hotspots I believe everyone can do it, the first is the notebook, then the notebook must be installed Win7 system, the last one is the notebook is to be able to access the Internet, can be shared with others to pull the network cable It can also be some community broadband, etc., as long as the notebook has a network cable connection, you can go online.

In fact, the Win7 notebook is made into a Wifi hotspot. When using a wireless router, it is not a new skill. A long time ago, the computer Pepsi network also shared with you, but some methods and methods introduced earlier are more, many children's shoes often Setting up for a long time has not been successful. Today, we introduce you to the easiest way. If you are interested in the previous method, you can read it first: Windows 7 laptop computer to achieve wireless network sharing detailed tutorial, then we come Introduce the easiest way to implement Win7 notebooks as a Wifi hotspot.

Careful friends often find that many simple techniques often use some practical tools. The tool we are going to today is called "Win7 Wireless Hotspot Configuration Tool". The method of use is quite simple. For the two steps, the first step is to set up the Win7 system to open the wireless network and turn on the wireless sharing function, as detailed below.

One: Turn on Win7 network sharing function

1.) Enter the computer on the desktop of the computer, then find the network connection, then open the network sharing center, select the networked connection, and then connect locally. Right click on the mouse, select "Properties", then click "Share", check the "Allow other network users to connect to the Internet via this computer" option.

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