Win7 sp1 black screen shows the error code (0xc0000034) how to do


Method one,

When the computer is turned on, press F8 on the keyboard to enter the Windows 7 security mode interface, then select Advanced Startup - "Repair the computer, select System Restore in the system recovery options. Then through the listed restore points, select the one you want to restore, if you have not done a system restore before, you can see method two.

Method 2,

1. Also enter the repair computer option. After entering, select the command line and enter the following command line;

Reg load HKLMBaseSystem C:WindowsSystem32configSYSTEM< Br>

Reg Delete "HKLMBaseSystemControlSet001ControlSession Manager" /v SetupExecute

Reg add "HKLMBaseSystemControlSet001ControlSession Manager" /v SetupExecute /t REG_MULTI_SZ

Reg unload HKLMBaseSystem

2, Command The problem of restarting the computer after the execution is completed can be solved.

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