How to set up the batch printing method of Windows7 system document


In order to avoid this phenomenon, we can download and install the PrintConductor tool in Windows7 system, and then use this tool to directly print the content without opening the document content. Printing can greatly improve printing efficiency.

After installing the PrintConductor tool, start the program from the Windows 7 System Start menu and click the “Add Documents to the list” toolbar button in the main program interface to open the added document as shown in the figure. The list interface adds all the documents that need to be printed in batches to the list in turn. Of course, in order to improve the operation efficiency, we can drag and drop multiple files to be printed into the list to achieve the purpose of quickly adding files.

After importing all the files to be printed, press the preview tool button in the main interface to preview the content of the document. If you find that a file does not need to be printed, select it directly and click "X". Delete it, then click the “Next” button, select the printer device in the subsequent interface, click the “Printer settings” button, set the relevant printing parameters, and finally press the “Run!” button to start the batch. Print operation.

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