Ways to improve the search efficiency of Windows 7 system


Windows 7 operating system has added a lot of personalized functions to Vista and Windows XP. For example, it can increase the display of desktop windows and increase the search function of computer resources. This article mainly introduces the search function of Windows 7 and searches. It is no stranger to us. As we often use Baidu, google to search for network resources, and need certain skills, the computer masters always find things faster than the newcomers search, and accurate, so we are using windows 7 xitongtiandi. Com, as long as you understand the skills, you can also enter the ranks of experts as soon as possible.

Improve search efficiency with content view

Since Windows 7 added a search bar to the Start menu, it is much more convenient to open the application, but when searching for files, you still need to do two times. One or even three screenings, how to quickly find the files you need is a problem.

First, enter the file keyword you want to find in the Win7 Start menu search bar according to the normal operation method. Wow! You have found a lot of files, but you don't know which one you need. Click "Document" to open the Explorer window, click the "Change your view" button in the upper right corner of the folder window, select the "Content" view from the drop-down menu, this view can display as many documents as possible Information, not only can view the basic information of each document name, update date, size, author, etc., but also can see the thumbnail of the document, preview of some content, the actual path and simple meta information, according to this information, You can more quickly locate the target document you need.

Tip: Right-click in the blank space of the search results and select “Save Search” in the pop-up shortcut menu to save the search as a virtual folder, so that you need to search again using the same conditions later. Just open this virtual folder.

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