Windows 7 64-bit system recycle bin can not be emptied


Cause analysis:

There may be a deviation between the file location and the real location of the virus or the recycle bin on the computer, for example, we are deleting Moving the files on the hard disk, and then removing the mobile hard disk, and then emptying the recycle bin may result in a positional deviation that may cause the recycle bin to not be emptied.


1. First check if the computer is poisoned. You can use the anti-virus software to scan the system and kill the garbage virus in time, but this situation is rare.

2, if it is not possible, it will start in the safe mode with the command line, then execute the Attrib -s -r -h command on the Recycled directory under each partition to remove the special attributes, and then use the Del command. Delete the Recycled directory under each partition. After the operation is completed, restart to enter the normal mode.

3, not to try this, first create a new folder on the desktop, and then delete it, then try to empty the recycle bin, if not, restart the computer, then press F8 Choose to enter the safe mode, we will go to empty the recycle bin after entering, this time can generally solve the problem.

4, if it does not work, it is recommended to reinstall the system to solve

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