Win7 Ultimate computer boot appears "no floppy disk in the drive" how to deal with


1, if the computer has a floppy drive, this is because the floppy drive was used during the last shutdown, but not in the system window In the case of direct removal of the software, so every time I call my computer will prompt to insert the floppy drive, the solution: insert a floppy disk (no floppy drive, put the CD into the CD-ROM drive can also), then just click inside the content, or copy a The file goes in. After the copy is completed, close the window such as my computer, then remove the floppy disk and restart the computer. The problem is solved.

2, if the computer does not exist floppy drive but the software is enabled, this will happen, just disable the floppy drive. The method is as follows:

1) Press DEL to enter the BIOS interface at boot time, select: STANDARD CMOS FEATURES, and then set the sub-items as follows:

DRIVE A : Set to None< Br>

DRIVE B : Set to None

2) After setting, press F10 to save and enter “Y” to enter.

3, set the CD-ROM in the BIOS to insert the system boot disk into the first boot device, press R to select "repair installation".

4, if the fault still exists, press F8 to enter the advanced option interface, select "Recently correct configuration", press Enter to repair, try to restart after the repair is completed, enter the normal mode.

5, or use the system's own system restore, restore to the time you do not have this fault repair (if the normal mode recovery fails, you can enter the safe mode to use system restore).

6. In the end, if you can't do it, you can only reinstall the system.

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