Summary of reasons why Win7 system cannot install drivers


Cause one: Incompatibility between drivers

Drivers are not compatible, which means that the driver you selected may conflict with the operating system and computer hardware you use, all of which will lead to windows7. Unable to install driver.

Reason 2, the driver itself problem

The driver itself is generally not downloaded during the download process or the driver provided by the vendor has a problem, you can re-reliable The official website to download.

Cause three, the driver installation order is not correct

The driver installation also requires a certain order, otherwise there will be problems that can not install a driver, here is generally recommended to install the driver order For:

1. System Utility

2. Chipset

3. Graphics Driver

4. Smart Card Reader Driver

5. Audio Driver

6.Communication Driver

7.Network Card Driver

8.Wireless Network Card Driver

9. Fingerprint Identification System

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