Win7 system plan backup function instructions


Microsoft has optimized the Win7 system plan management function. Compared with the previous system, the function is more powerful and practical. Users can set the automatic backup plan by the “Setup Backup Plan” function in the system management. Set up automatic backup processing on a regular basis to enhance the security of system data, while enhancing the ability to handle transactions automatically, this can be done in the time when the daily business is not processed. Now I am going to see how to quickly enable the scheduled backup function under Win7 Ultimate system!

Steps: First press "WIN+X" "Key combination, open the "Control Panel" in the win7 Ultimate system, find "Windows7 file recovery";

2, the first backup user click "set backup", select what partition to put the backup under After selecting it, click “Next”;

3. In the setting backup, the default is “Let Windows Select”, select the content of the file to be backed up, and select “Let me choose” for this experiment;

Let Windows select

4. After selecting “Let me choose”, you can change the backup location by yourself and click Next;

Change the backup location by yourself

5, you can see the default scheduled backup time, you can change the click change plan. Click “Save Settings and Run Backup” after setting up;

Click “Save Settings and Run Backup”

6. After clicking the change plan, the modified content will pop up, as shown in the figure; Br>

Pop-up modified content

7. After completing the above operation, the system will automatically start the first backup. If you do not want to back up again, click “Close Plan” on the left.

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