Insufficient power automatically shut down the damage caused to Win7 notebook


1, may affect the normal operation of the program and read and write

Generally, when we shut down in the normal way, the shutdown time is also the fastest Ten seconds, shutdown is so long because when you turn off the computer, some programs running in the background also need to turn off their own read and write functions, and then reduce their read and write speeds and finally end the process to shut down, and this way the shutdown The damage to the program and system files is almost zero.

If you shut down directly in the case of low battery, you can directly save the intermediate hard disk and program read and write steps, which has a great impact on the stability of win7 system, it may also lead to The data is lost.

2, affect the boot speed

If the previous time is because the laptop is not enough power to automatically shut down, then the second boot, it will directly affect the boot speed of win7, will The boot speed is much slower than before, and all suggestions should pay attention to the power in time.

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