Customize your own fast running program in Win7 system


In Windows 7 system, shortcut keys can be used to achieve a lot of operations. When users do not like to use the mouse, it is the fastest to open the program with "Run". But this method needs to remember all the Windows 7 programs, as well as the name of the installed application, which is very impractical. Now I teach you a way to improve the efficiency of the computer, and customize the method of running the program commands under Windows 7. For example, enter "1" in the Win7 Run dialog box, press "Enter" to run "IE9", enter "2" to run "Aliwangwang" and so on. The following is a Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate system setting IE9 as a method for everyone to explain the customization method in detail!

Operation method:

1. Click the Win7 system start button, right click on IE9 For shortcuts, select "Open file location".

Select "Open File Location"

2. Right-click IE9 and select "Send to - Desktop Shortcut" to generate an IE9 shortcut icon on the Win7 desktop.

3, rename the IE9 shortcut on the desktop to "1", that is, enter "1" in the operation to open IE9.

Enter "1" in the run to open IE9

4. Enter "%windir%" in the Win7 Explorer address bar to open the Windows folder.

5. Cut and paste the renamed shortcut on the desktop to the folder.

Shortcut and paste

6. Press the "Windows + R" key combination to open the run dialog box, enter "1" and press the Enter key to start IE9 browsing. The device is gone.

Enter "1" and press Enter.

Through the above sharing of custom commands for Win7, the efficiency of using the computer can be improved a lot. Interested users please Follow the steps above to set it up.

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