Temporary freezing method of Win7 system task manager display interface


The task manager under win7 system monitors the system resource information in real time, but when the user views it, it is because of this real-time function that the various process information jumps up and down, which brings inconvenience to the user. How to change this phenomenon? Don't worry, the current system city Xiaobian introduces you to the "coagulation" task manager in Win7 system to view information skills. Recommended: Win7 pure version 64-bit system download

Operation method:

1, first press Win7 pure version 64-bit system task manager;

2, in the open In the Task Manager, click on the memory note;

3. Press the "Ctrl" button and you will find that the entire task manager is "solidified" and all the information is clear at a glance.

The entire task manager is solidified

The Win7 pure 64-bit system coagulation task manager is easy to view information skills to share with you.

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