Quickly create a backup method for Win7 system

The Win7 system has a great innovation in the "backup and restore" function. It can not only create a system image backup of the win7 system, but also store the backup system on the hard disk, or put the backup on the disc or upload it to On the network, it is more convenient for users to use the system restore function, but the premise of these is to create a system image first. Now I will introduce you to the detailed steps of creating a system image backup for Win7 system!
Operation method:
1. Click Start - Control Panel - System and Security - Backup and Restore - Create System Image.
2. At this point, the hard disk partition that can be used to create the backup is automatically detected. Select "On the hard disk." "Create a system image, click "Next";
Select "Create a system image on the hard disk"
3, select the partition that the drive needs to back up, other partition users can choose, select and click "Next" ", click "Start Backup";
4, when the system image is completed, a window will pop up prompting whether to create a system repair CD, Xiaobian It is recommended to prepare a CD for creation.
5. Click “Close” to complete the creation process.
Click "Close" to complete the creation process
6. Create a system image on the CD and operate it in the same way as the hard disk. Put the CD into the CD and the backup will be automatically burned to the CD-ROM drive.
7. If the backup capacity is too large and the CD needs to be replaced, the system will prompt you automatically;
The backup will be automatically burned to the CD-ROM drive.
8. When the user creates a system image on the network, you need to select the network path first. "Select";
9, click the "Select" button and the following window appears, you first need to select the network location, the account in the computer you are accessing must set a password, enter the user name and password.
Select Network Location
By creating "Backup and Restore", when the system has an unresolved fault, then this restore function can come in handy. Here, Peas recommend that you install a stable first. The win7 system is then backed up. I hope to be helpful.

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