Win7 system prompts "Cannot locate dynamic link library user32.dll" how to solve


user32.dll is a Windows user interface related application interface for Windows processing, basic user interface and other features, such as creating windows and sending messages, etc., there are user feedback in the process of running a software on win7 system, prompts Can not locate the program input point dwmhintdxupdate on the dynamic link library user32.dll, resulting in this software can not be used, download reloading is useless, I do not know how to solve it? For this problem, the following small series of solutions, to introduce you Win7 The pure 64-bit system running software prompts that the dynamic link library user32.dll cannot be located.

Operation method:

1. First restart or unregister the win7 system computer, and then enter the Windows system32 folder under the system disk;

2, find it inside Copy dwmapi.dll file;

Copy dwmapi.dll file

3. Enter the installation file folder of this software, paste the dwmapi.dll file over the original file, so Win7 system Running the software prompts that the problem of not being able to locate the dynamic link library user32.dll is solved.

After the above description of the solution to the dynamic link library user32.dll that can not be located in the Win7 pure 64-bit system, the user who encounters this fault can be solved according to the above method. .

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