How to view the IP address of the target website under Win7 system


IP address is like our ID card. It is a unified address format provided by IP protocol. In order to shield the difference of physical address, it will be for every Internet. A network and each host are assigned a logical address. That is, a protocol designed for the communication of computer networks to each other is called a "interconnection between networks." Therefore, what we often find is that each networked PC needs an IP address to communicate properly. In order to help everyone secure the security system when visiting the website, the following small series introduces you to the IP address of the visited website in Win7 system. Recommended: Windows7 64-bit installation system download!

Operation steps:

First, press “WIN+R” to open the Windows 7 64-bit installation system “Run” window, enter “cmd” to bring up the command prompt window.

Enter "cmd" to bring up the command prompt window

Second, enter "ping URL" in the open command prompt window, for example, you want to query the IP address of Win7 Ultimate system official website , then type ping the command prompt window.

Enter "ping URL"

Under Windows7 64-bit installed system, you can view the IP address of the website to secure the system. It is so simple, interested users, in order to protect your system security. Come and learn the steps above.

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