Set up simple themes for Win7 systems to improve operational efficiency


The powerful features of the Windows 7 Ultimate system, cool personal settings are very popular with users. Many users don't like the default theme of the system. They like to change the theme interface for their own computer. The Windows 7 system comes with the Aero Paak function. Although it has a cool window effect, it also increases the system load for the user and causes the system to run faster. Slow, in fact, only change it to a classic theme can reduce the burden on the system, then how to replace it? The following small series to share with you the skills to replace the classic theme to improve the system speed in Win7 system.

Operation method:

1. Right-click on the win7 desktop and select the "Personalization" option to open the personalized window;

2. On the computer In the Visual Effects and Sounds box, select "Windows Classic" in "Basic and High Contrast Themes";

Select "Windows Classic"

3. Wait for replacement after clicking, after replacement You can see that the menu bar has become the same as the classic theme in the winxp system!

Classic theme in winxp system

Improve the system by replacing the classic theme in Win7 system After sharing the speed tips, if you want to improve the speed of the system, you can try the above methods yourself.

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