Solve Win7 notebook can connect to wifi but there is a yellow exclamation point


Specific solution:

1, if the computer can also be connected to the network, the previous wireless network may not be offline in the normal way, restart Try it out on the computer;

2. An exclamation point means that you don't even have access to the Internet. Even if you don't have access to the Internet, the first thing to consider is whether the router's network cable connection is not a problem. It may be that the network cable is not plugged in. The network cable appears. Loose or the network cable plug is broken, specifically check it;

3, restart the router, some routers may cause excessive temperature due to long use time, some functions are abnormal, so this time only need to be re Start the router, turn it off, let the router rest for a few minutes and then restart;

4, check the number of router connections, sometimes the number of router connections is limited, or the design of the router itself is limited It can only be 3 or 4 user connections, in this case, if the number of connections reaches the limit, even if the connection Go, can't even go to the network;

5, the router hardware has a problem, in this case, the router hardware may be broken, so it is recommended to replace the router device;

6 If the router and the cat are ok, then delete the wireless network first, let the computer search for the wireless signal again.

7. If it still cannot be solved, the NIC driver may be faulty. Go to the official website to download the wireless network card driver and then re-install it.

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