Causes and solutions for slow Internet access in Win7 system


First, the network itself's problems

The network also has peaks and valleys, therefore, if the bandwidth is not large enough, it is likely that the Internet is slow due to network congestion, and it may be that the computer's broadband equipment has been hacked. The attack caused the network to slow down.

Solution: Try to avoid the peak period during the Internet.

Second, it may be a virus in the computer

Phenomenon: If the Internet access is fast, but after entering some websites or downloading some software, the network speed becomes very slow, then It may be that the website or software carries a virus, and then your computer is poisoned, causing the virus to occupy a large amount of broadband.


1. You can use the anti-virus software to scan the computer and clean the virus in time;

2. If the normal mode anti-virus has no effect, then the computer Enter safe mode before booting, and then use anti-virus software to scan the whole disk;

Third, the wireless network is smashed by others

Phenomenon: The home uses wireless Internet access, before the Internet speed is very fast The latter is inexplicably slowed down. If there is no poisoning, then it may be that someone else has smashed the net.

Solution: You can encrypt the wireless network, or strengthen the password modification process.

Fourth, clear the arp cache

If the arp cache list is too long, it will also If the speed of the Internet is affected, the long cache list will occupy a certain amount of memory space, resulting in slow operation, which will cause the computer to go online slowly.

Solution: Clearing the arp cache can alleviate the slow Internet access.

V. Broadband bandwidth is too small

Phenomenon: If many people share a broadband line, The bandwidth is small, and the network speed is bound to be slow. At this time, if you need to find a network provider to increase the bandwidth. Or when sharing bandwidth, someone downloads things in P2P software, then the speed of other users will be greatly reduced, approaching 0kb/s.

Solution: Increase bandwidth, or use the switch to divide the bandwidth equally.

Sixth, the computer configuration is too low

Phenomenon: the computer configuration is too low, resulting in a higher running configuration software, the program response is slow, the computer is too old, resulting in system operation response Slow, which affects the speed of the Internet.

Solution: It is recommended to update your computer configuration.

VII, improve the running speed by removing the default limit of 20% of the windows system

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