Prompt "win7 load driver" how to solve?


Usually there will be setup.exe or install.exe in the driver's directory. You can install the driver by double-clicking it. If not, right click on the device to be updated, update the driver, select the option below, assign the directory to the driver's unzipped directory, and the system will automatically install the driver. There is no driver for win7 now, usually with Vista driver is OK. If you don't have it or can't install it, download a driver wizard or drive life, it will automatically find the matching driver online.

Question 1:

My installation environment is hard disk installation under WINXP. As for the installation method, here is a brief description:

Copy the files in the ISO image BOOTMGR and BOOT, EFI two folders, and BOOT.WIM under SOURCES (located in the SOURCES directory of the C drive), extract the ISO image file to other hard disk partitions such as F:win7, run the following command:

C:bootbootsect /Nt60 C:

The system will enter the installation win7.

According to the tutorial on the network, I entered the "system repair" in the installation process to format the C drive again, then run F:win7setup.exe to enter the installation, this time there is a need for win7 Load the required driver", there is no way to go to the next step.

Solution: Carefully study the tutorial on the network, found that after formatting the C drive, the program is F:win7sourcessetup.exe. This is different from the setup size I used before. Install it at this time. As long as you select the partition, you can go to the next step without clicking "Load Driver". The installation below is fine.

Description: After formatting the C drive (or deleting some files copied before the C drive), restarting the system will find that the installation interface cannot be entered. At this time, you can run the CD. Version of the operating system WinPE, re-copy the file to the C drive, and then run the command to restart.

Question 2:

Today, the virtual machine is loaded with an image file for CD-ROM installation. The CD-ROM drive is D: disk, the hard disk is not formatted, whether it is from X:sources or root directory X: The setup.exe cannot be installed. If you install from D:sourcessetup.exe (Note: In the "System Repair" command line, the DOS interface has an X: disk path and the actual disk D where your installation files are located. : disk path), then you can not find the setup.exe file. It is obvious that the method of Question 1 did not solve my problem.

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