Win7 boot prompt "Configure Windows do not shut down" What should I do?


When the Win7 system starts up, it always displays the prompt "Do not shut down Windows". After a few seconds, the computer will automatically restart. Every time you turn it on, you can't enter the system. At this time, users who encounter this phenomenon will be able to enter the system. There are five ways to solve the problem.

Method 1:

Press F8 at the boot, in the Windows Advanced Boot Options screen that appears, select “Last Known Good Configuration” and press Enter.

Method 2:

After pressing F8, in the Windows Advanced Boot Options interface, select "Safe Mode", press Enter, enter safe mode and restart the computer. Press F8 again. In the Windows Advanced Boot Options screen, select "Last Known Good Configuration" and press Enter.

Method 3:

Press F8 and select “Safe Mode” to perform system restore operation in safe mode. Of course, the prerequisite is that your system restore function is enabled. Then you can do this:

After entering "Safe Mode", click "Start" → "All Programs" → "Accessories" → "System Tools" → "System Restore", open "System Restore Wizard", then Select the "Restore my computer to an earlier time" option, click the "Next" button, click on the date displayed in bold on the calendar to select the system restore point, click the "Next" button to perform a system restore.

Method 4:

Set the CD-ROM drive to boot, put it into the Win7 system installation disk, and repair the system.

Method five:

Try reinstalling the system. Of course, before reinstalling the system, pay attention to backing up the important files that were originally stored in the system disk. Tutorials on reinstalling system methods can be found on this site.

[Tips] When Win7 is turned on, the prompt “Configure Windows Do Not Shut Down” is always caused by the update system. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the system to automatically update. There is also a possibility that the user profile in the system is lost, and the most secure way is to reinstall the system.

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