How to prevent the blue screen of Win7 system computer from happening before


Computer blue screen is a kind of computer failure that everyone often encounters. Because many people in China use not the genuine Windows 7 operating system or driver, many users' computers will have a blue screen failure. There are also many ways to solve the blue screen failure of the computer. So how do we take measures to prevent the computer from appearing on the computer's blue screen? To prevent it from happening at the end, as long as it can do the following at ordinary times, it can effectively avoid the "blue screen" or crash.

1. Regularly back up the registry, and restore it to its original state in case of error;

2. Try to avoid abnormal shutdown and reduce important file loss. Such as .VxD.DLL files, etc.;

3. Generally speaking, the computer can work normally, there is no need to upgrade the BIOS and driver such as the graphics card, motherboard, to avoid damage to the machine;

4. Run the "System File Checker" to check the system files regularly; in the "System Tools" you can find

5. Reduce the installation of useless files, as much as possible, do not manually uninstall or delete the program. Reduce illegal replacement of files and files pointing to errors;

6. Try to avoid running large programs at the same time. If you find that there is rustling when listening to MP3, you can be sure that the fault is caused by insufficient memory.

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