Why can't win7 operating system install fonts


1, may be the desktop.ini file is damaged or deleted by mistake, the solution: open the fonts folder under windows, first open the computing interface, then click on the "Tools - Folder Options" above, then check "Show all files" and remove "Hide protected operating system files" and uncheck "Hide suffixes for known file types", then click OK;

2, then open the fonts folder, if The folder contains the desktop.ini file, you can rename it, and then create a new txt text, enter the following:


UICLSID={BD84B380-8CA2-1069- AB1D-08000948F534}

3. After saving the input, name it "desktop.ini", and then change the file attribute to read-only and hide it. Restart the computer.

4, if there are some fonts installed, but can not open, you can download the text conversion tool from the Internet, or the system is not compatible, it can only be heavy Installed the system.

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