Windows7 system memory efficient use of several experiences to share


Today, the use of Windows7 system users is very large, due to the powerful features of Windows7, the interface is also very high on the system memory requirements, so we must effectively manage System memory, let the memory be used efficiently under Windows7 system, is also the concern of many users, then the following will describe several small experiences of efficient use of memory under Windows7 system.

Experience one, set reasonable virtual memory

Everyone knows that virtual memory is very important in Windows7 or in previous Windows systems. Virtual memory can be said to be an extension of physical memory. The system runs some large programs and often caches the necessary files for running the program in memory. When the virtual memory is properly set, the system will automatically cache some files in the extra virtual memory (actually on the hard disk) instead of Will make physical memory use exhausted. How to correctly set virtual memory?

Experience 2, learn to monitor memory

Efficient use of memory also needs to learn to monitor memory usage, providing a powerful task manager in Windows7 system, you You can see the amount of memory used, the amount of available memory, the amount of memory that has been cached, and the process ID tab in the [Process] tab. The amount of memory. For programs and processes that use more memory and we are not using them, we can release them to achieve an increase in the amount of available memory, which in turn increases the system speed.

Experience 3, release memory space in time

In Windows7 system, we will find that the running speed is slow after using the system for a period of time, because there are many programs that we have run have background Residing in our system memory, whether it is downloading software, Internet TV or a variety of software has a certain means of residence, if you no longer use the program can prohibit them in the process, and Some programs, such as PPTV PPS, have options in the settings for you to set the background to run off, do not install too much software, we all know that the system has been used for a long time, the software is also installed a lot of time when the system It will become very slow, which is also a manifestation of a large amount of system memory in the application backend.

Experience 4, Optimize Data in Memory

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