How to solve the slow speed of Win7 system after reinstalling


1. I believe that many users are not equipped with genuine Microsoft systems on their own computers. It is very likely that some software or services are bound to the computer system. Although these softwares can be uninstalled, they are The running speed still has a certain impact. All the small editors here suggest that when you install the system, it is best to install a pure version of the system, without binding the mandatory installation software.

2, is the reason for the configuration of the computer itself, if you install the latest win7 system at this time, then a lot of updates may bring your computer can not afford, so reinstall the system here When you check if your computer configuration meets the requirements of the win7 system, if you can't meet the forced installation, it will make the computer become slower.

3. After reinstalling the win7 system, it may be because of the system. The setting causes the computer to run slower, especially the virtual memory of the computer. After reinstalling the system, it is best to check the virtual memory first by right-clicking on the computer and selecting Properties, then clicking on Advanced System. Settings - Performance Settings - Advanced Tab - Virtual Memory - Change - select the drive c drive to be set, and then you can set the size of the custom selection. After setting, the system will automatically meet the virtual memory requirements according to the current computer situation. Make adjustments.

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