Win7 Ultimate system can not use the online banking how to do


1, register online banking certificate

Before using online banking to download K Bao certificate, if there is no certificate, even if you enter the online banking payment interface, there is no To complete the payment task, you can go to the official website to download.

2, update the online banking patch

Online banking also needs a patch, if you find that your online banking can not be used normally, you can download the online banking patch pushed by Microsoft, so the effect will be better after the update It is.

3, reduce the security level

win7 and the browser can not use online banking because the security level of the computer is set very high, such as online banking, such as the user property security program is no way Running, the solution is to talk about the security level of the computer, cancel the startup of the protected mode, then change to the compatibility view settings, and finally add the online banking bank tag used, which should be solved.

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