Win7 system can not create restore points how to do


Many friends report that the win7 system can not create restore points, or do not know how to create restore points, in fact, very simple, just two simple steps can be completed, the following tutorial.

Step 1: Click on the "Start" menu - "Open" "Control Panel" - "Select "System and Security" - "Click "System" - in the pop-up "System Properties" Switch to the "System Protection" tab - "Select the system drive letter (the drive letter of the system file) in the "Available Drives" under "Protection Settings", usually the first drive letter C or "SYSTEM_DRV" - —“Click on “Configuration (D)” -> Click on “Restore System Settings and Previous Version Files” -> Click OK;

Step 2: Go back to the System Protection tab ——” Still click on the drive letter C drive or “SYSTEM_DRV” where the system file is located.” Click “Create” below to create a restore point for the current time and click OK to exit.

Love Q Life Network Tip: The problem of not being able to create a restore point under win7 system is mostly caused by the system restore function of the C drive where the system file is located. If the user wants to create successfully, he must manually Come to the operation.

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