Make your Win7 system input method more personalized


Whether it is in the latest system windows8, or in the decommissioned windowsXP system, or has a mature and stable windows7 system, the default input method icons are the same under the system Some users are bored, so here's how to personally modify the input method icon under the win7 system, so that you have the icon different.

How to create a Win7 personality input method icon:

The input method icon on the Windows 7 system default taskbar is like this

1. Above this input method icon Click the right mouse button and click "Settings" in the pop-up menu;

2. In the pop-up "Text Service and Input Language Form", click "Chinese (Simplified)---American Keyboard", then The property button on the right can be clicked. Click on the property button;

3. In the open keyboard layout preview window, click the "Change Icon (C)" button;

4. Now you can use the icon listed (select one) Click the icon all the way to confirm), or click "Browse" to specify the use of the external icon file;

5. After the change.

Under the inherent windows system, the default input method icon is monotonous and simple, but it is not new. If you have the same idea, you can follow the small steps described above for your own The win7 system creates a personalized input method icon.

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