Solve the problem that the U disk is always full under Win7 system


Obviously, my U disk space is very sufficient. I can always indicate that the disk space is full when I store the file. Why is this? This question is frequently asked by netizens, if you are also because of this problem. Troubled, then the following tutorial will be of great help to you. Because the cause and solution are the following two.

There are two reasons why the U disk space is sufficient but the total prompt is full:

1. Your U disk is in FAT32 format. It only supports single file copying less than 4G, and U disk is changed. For NTFS or exFAT file system formats, the problem can be solved.

2. The number of single files in the root directory of the disk exceeds 256, and the system reports an error. Create a folder on the root of the disk and move the file to this folder. Can solve the problem.

Situation 1, solution:

Reminder: In some cases, the XP system may not be able to read the U disk of the exFAT file system, and the memory card is mostly used for mobile phones and cameras. Android system may not support NTFS or exFAT format memory cards, so in order to avoid data loss, please understand the format conversion of the file system.

Format Conversion:

When NTFS or exFAT is selected during formatting, a single copy of 4GB or more can be supported. Please back up the data before formatting.

NTFS and exFAT support more features than FAT32, but compatibility is not as good as FAT32.

Case 2, Solution:

Click New Folder to copy the file to the new file.

The above is why we introduced the reason why the U disk space is sufficient but the total prompt is full and the solution is solved. In fact, not the big documents are not accepted by the U disk, but because we have U disk. File format issues, as well as excessive disk roots. So we only need to convert the format or organize the root directory to solve the above problems, I hope to help everyone!

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