Win7 system double-click U disk to appear formatting tips


We often encounter U disk plugged into the computer, the computer prompts "use the drive H: the disc needs to be formatted before", but the U disk has A lot of important data, we don't want to format it at all, so how to deal with it? In fact, we can analyze and deal with this problem from many angles, try to avoid the formatting method.

There may be five problems in the following:

First, the computer system problem. The system has lost some files related to the disk. When the U disk or disk is recognized, such a prompt box will appear. After the system is reinstalled, try again. You can also try another computer.

Second, the driver problem. (This mainly refers to a special U disk or SD card or memory card), that is, there is no such special U disk or SD card driver in your system, or the driver is incomplete, or the driver is lost. The driver for this special USB flash drive or SD card is solved.

Third, U disk internal problems. If the chip inside the U disk is wrong, the Jianyi can use a test that can be read, or a new U disk.

Fourth, the computer USB interface or U disk problems. For example, there is a problem with the front USB port of the computer, and the power supply is insufficient. This will also cause such a phenomenon. Jianyi will try the mouth at the back of the host and try one more port. If every port is like this, it is possible that the SD or the memory card itself is out. Problems, such as the chip itself, where to directly format, or repair tools, if not, it is scrapped.

Five, the U disk has bad sectors. You can try to fix the bad track, you can use the software Diskgenius to fix it, you can also hang it on other computers, and then use "chkdsk /r" to check and fix the disk error. If there are too many bad sectors, use the U disk low-level tool.

The above five kinds of problems can be analyzed and processed one by one. The first four can be processed directly without formatting the USB flash drive. The fifth situation may cause some damage to your USB flash drive data. But it can save most of your U disk content. I hope this tutorial will help you a bit.

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